Thursday, January 10, 2013

Midterm Artist - Keith Haring

As I resarched artists form the list I was given, one artist really stuck out to me. This artist is Keith Haring. I really enjoy the colors that he uses in his artwork and the simplicity of it. At the same time each piece of art is very unique and different from the others. Most of his artwork also has meaning behind it. He is very famous for displaying the awareness of AIDS in his later pieces from the time he was diagnosed with AIDS up until his death. His artwork is shown all around and there is a very good chance that anyone reading this post would have seen some sort of his artwork in your life. Haring's artwork, which may seem simple, is filled with messages and meaning. The Keith Haring Foundation was created to keep up the awareness of AIDS, and to help prevent the disease. Haring created and published his artwork from 1978 until his death in 1990. He made tons of awesome things over these 13 years including drawings, editions, paintings, and scluptures. My favorite piece would have to be the skateboards that he drew on in 1986. The artwork is really sick and its on a skateboard deck which is something I like to do. Skateboarding was also starting to become very popular around this time. Haring is a inspiration to many including myself; thanks to the help of many, his artwork lives on and is still very popular today, 23 years after his death.!/introduction

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