Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Day in Wrightsville Beach

I woke up in the morning to the sound of seagulls out my window. It was spring break and a chilly April morning, around 50 degrees. The rest of the town is silent; mainly because it is pretty much empty. Our 4 mile island is really a summer destination and not many people live here in the winter. Nevertheless, I love where I live. Between the peaceful island, my close friends, and the waves all to ourselves, I would say we have it pretty lucky. Wrightsville is a great place to live.

I throw on jeans and a hoodie and walk down to Oceanic Pier to check the waves. The ocean is less than a block from my house. The waves are chest high and clean. A couple guys are out already but I don't recognize them. They probably go to UNCW and ditched their AM class to catch some waves. I put on my 4/3 and paddle out. After about 10 minutes my friend Chandler paddled out too. We enjoyed some clean barrels for about 2 hours and then I checked my watch. It was 11:30 and I had work at Vito's Pizza at 12! I hurried home and showered really quick. I hopped in my skateboard and headed to work.

The curbs in Wrightsville are slanted up like ramps so you can practice your turns on them and can get better at surfing just from skating. The roads are also paved which makes them real easy to ride on. There is no need to worry about traffic because there are very little cars on the island. The people who do live here are at work and there are not many tourists at this time of year. I get to work 5 mins late but my boss is cool with it. Business is slow during the offseason and my boss knew the waves were good because he surfs too. Work is boring but there is a surf movie on the tv so I watch that. It is called Dark Fall. It's a movie about surfers from New Jersey and their surfing through the cold snowy winters and flat summers. I couldn't imagine living there. I can barely stand the 40 degree days in January. My boss lets me off early and it gives me a couple of hours to surf before dark. I grab a slice of pizza and a Pibb Xtra and then hurry home on my skateboard.

I was a little disappointed when I saw that the waves were choppy. The winds went onshore and there were a lot of college kids now surfing in the water. I paddled back out anyway but didn't stay out for much more than an hour. I was pretty upset with how I surfed and wanted to clear my head. I called my friend Taylor and we went to the bay to watch the sunset. It was beautiful like always and I realized how lucky I was to live here in Wrightsville. Living in the peaceful paradise that I get to call home.


  1. I really liked your story it makes me want summer to come faster! I like how you described beach towns in the off season it sounds so diffrent then they are in the summer!

  2. I like how the story follows a full day in the life of a summer kid. I think its a really great way to get a good story line, and it made me want summer.

  3. I enjoyed all the detail you included about the town and setting. This made me want to jump in the ocean and go swimming. Nice job!

  4. Nice story! I like how easy going and cool the plot was.