Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Final Reflections

As this year is coming to a close I have been looking back on how I have grown throughout the year. One really important decision was taking art class. Although I am really tight with time at the end of the year, taking it was a really good idea. Everyday I could come to art class and forget about all the other stressful classes I have and just enjoy myself. I could really open up my mind and see the slightly creative side that I never thought I had. I amazed myself with the works I created this year and it was a big feeling of accomplishment. My favorite thing all year had to of been either the lantern or my short story based painting. Cutting paper was a really sick technique that I'm happy I learned. Investigating and learning about Keith Haring's life was really cool and I got to learn what life of a professional artist was like. Wrapping it all together in the end by sewing the works together into a book was a great idea because I know I will always have my book. The relationships I developed with Mak, Matty, Trish, Mrs. Kiick, and the rest of my classmates are amazing and I'm happy I got to become closer with all of these people. This class was a great experience and I am going to always remember it. Everyone should find their creative side on them and this class helped me do just that.

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