Monday, November 4, 2013

Black & White v. Color; Comparing and Contrasting

This year we did two types of drawings instead of one. One of these drawings was in regular graphite pencil, and one of the drawings was in colored pencil. The graphite drawing was of a bike that was set up in our classroom. I had drawn and shaded in graphite last year. I definitely improved on my skills and I was excited for the colored drawing as well. The colored drawing was of a jar of candy in the room. The shading ended up being much more difficult with the colored pencil but all the different colors made it fun. I liked the technique of blending. Not just shades but also blending the different colors together to make unique color creations. We got to do a third project with coloring our boxes and I really enjoyed that too. Drawing in color made the project feel much less stressful than the graphite drawing had. But I'm glad we got the experience of doing both. 

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