Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collectors Edition

Thirty-six magazines are what my collection consists of. It continues to grow every month. Once a month a new edition of Runners World Magazine comes out and I always snatch one off of the shelf from the Running Company. I started as a freshman in high school when I got my first copy for Christmas and at first I was obsessed with them. I would read every issue cover to cover the second it came out. Anytime I had free time I would read my Runners World Mag and it would pump me up for practice the next day. As I started to get older my school work and number of other priorities got much greater than they had been when I was a freshman. I don't have as much time to read all of the issues in my free time anymore. However, I still collect them and read the articles that really strike my interest. I also check out the "rave run" photo on the inside cover of every issue and it inspires me to travel and see the world when I get older. The artlicles in those magazines pertain to just about any problem a runner may come in counter with and they are a good resource to help cope with your problem. I think that I will collect Runners World for as long as I run or stay in running. It is a great thing to collect and the collection will always keep on growing 

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